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Imported hukumat na manzoor.امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور

 In Pakistan now every  where People says Imported hukumat na manzoor.#امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور what is the Reason people says this .  Why people says this? what is the reason behind ? Now go back to few days ago Imran khan former prime minister of Pakistan says his govt falls by American govt and they will not accept Imported hukumat namanzoor. So now they call protest and make salogan Imported hukumat na manzoor. Now he will collect party fund to protest in all over Pakistan they need overseas Pakistani to help him to compain Imported hukumat na manzoor. . Thats why he make a website to oversee Pakistani to give funds to give strength to this compain. #امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور Now its time to pakistani people how they can help Imran khan to this salogan Imported hukumat na manzoor.امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور

World Constitution to work as a right and duty on job/ Constitution, the Labour

 1. The content of Article 4 of the Constitution Among the "fundamental principles", contained in the first twelve articles of the Constitution, the Labour one stands out, which permeates the Constitutional Charter since its inception. "Italy is a democratic Republic founded on work reads Article 1,elevating work and democracy to founding values of the new state model crystallized in the Constitution. "The Republic protects work in all its forms and applications ",Article 35still states, but it is Article 4 of the Fundamental Charter that sets out the principle of worker in more detail. The norm reads: "The Republic recognizes the right to work for all citizens and promotes the conditions that make this right effective. Every citizen has the duty to carry out, according to his possibilities and his choice, an activity or a function that contributes to the material or spiritual progress of society." 2. Article 4 of the Constitution: the explanation The