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Imported hukumat na manzoor.امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور

 In Pakistan now every  where People says Imported hukumat na manzoor.#امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور what is the Reason people says this .  Why people says this? what is the reason behind ? Now go back to few days ago Imran khan former prime minister of Pakistan says his govt falls by American govt and they will not accept Imported hukumat namanzoor. So now they call protest and make salogan Imported hukumat na manzoor. Now he will collect party fund to protest in all over Pakistan they need overseas Pakistani to help him to compain Imported hukumat na manzoor. . Thats why he make a website to oversee Pakistani to give funds to give strength to this compain. #امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور Now its time to pakistani people how they can help Imran khan to this salogan Imported hukumat na manzoor.امپورٹڈحکومتنامنظور

how to make cv for jobEducation in university not learn student

School is over, and this time forever. You took all the exams, handed in your projects and discussed the thesis. And now? It's time to find a place to put what you've learned to use. The problem is that when deciding what to do after graduation, you often don't know where to start. This is why we have compiled a guide with do's and don'ts in terms of applications and interviews, with some tips for enjoying your first job after university. The candidacy TO DO: Take some time to recover your energy Nowhere is it written that you have to throw yourself into a job as soon as you graduate. After years of studying, you are entitled to a break. Your first job is an opportunity to start from scratch and the best way to do it is with a clear mind. The figures are on your side: according to the latest Istat report, in Italy in the 20 to 34 age group the employment rate of graduates is almost 30 points (28.6%) higher than that recorded among graduates. So after all the hours spent on books you can take some time to recharge and make some plans for the future. DON'T DO: Wait too long and miss the train According to a study published in the American Economic Review in which over 8,000 resumes were sent for 3,500 open positions, a three-month period of unemployment does not set off alarm bells for potential employers. After six months, however, you may risk not receiving an interview invitation, and after a year your employment prospects are drastically reduced. The good news, as the study shows, is that once you find your first job after graduation, when you look for the next job, any previous unemployment period will no longer be considered. TO DO: Write an effective resume On average, only 10% of applications are followed by an interview. Which means your CV is your business card. It does not matter whether you have done 10 internships during university or that you are dedicated body and soul only to studying: a well-written resume will earn you more interviews than one thrown down in a hurry. Here are some tips: For maximum impact, limit yourself to a single page also wite your university degree. For the sections dedicated to education and work experience, use the reverse chronological order (e.g. 2021 before 2020), so that your most recent goals appear at the top. Avoid objective observations, for example "New graduate in search of opportunities in the world of digital communication": phrases like this only waste precious space. Forget clichés and empty words. Use simple, clear language and show through your experience that, for example, you have excellent problem-solving skills, instead of just writing it down. Opt for simple formatting: use headings, bold dates, a basic font (e.g. Helvetica), and leave enough space between sections to make the information stand out. Add youruniversity degree phone number and email address at the top, so that potential employers can contact you easily. Blogging, freelance jobs or the typical jobs of the so-called "gig economy" are also work experiences, so enter them. If you have no work experience, focus on the soft skills you acquired at university and on any relevant academic projects. Skip the school results, unless they are truly extraordinary. Writing that you were top of the class is unlikely to strike an HR manager. Keep in mind that, on average, you'll need to submit 30 to 50 resumes before you get an offer. Perseverance is everything! A good CV and cover letter are useless if you address them to the wrong person. Finding your first job university degree after graduation is all about making a good impression on a stranger. According to "StandOut CV", recruiters take an average of 6 to 8 seconds to scroll through a CV. If your documents are too general and do not show that you know the company well and the role you are applying for, they could be rejected immediately. It may seem like the nasty big brother of social media, but LinkedIn can work wonders when it comes to getting a job interview. A recent study revealed that 122 million people got an interview right through LinkedIn, while 35.5 million were hired after connecting with other users on the site. This corresponds to three people per minute hired through the platform.


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