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Olaf Scholz, the triumph of paucity

 The system of selection of temporary statutory personnel for basic positions of the Andalusian Health Service has been regulated in the Pact of the Sectoral Board of Health since October 2005, updated in a consolidated text in June 2017. The SAS Single Stock Exchange is based on the transparency of the process, based on the principles of equality, merit, capacity and publicity. That it is constituted on a model of homogeneous scale and single procedure for all Andalusia. About to be chancellor: Olaf Scholz, the triumph of paucity The Bolsa application is the computer system used for personal procedures related to the registration, consultation and modification of data in the temporary employment exchange. This space collects information on the different phases that make up the participation in the Employment Exchange of the Andalusian Health Service:registration, single list, definitive list, scales, hiring, etc ...) as well as personalized information depending on the needs of the co