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Asturias has a unique opportunity in the cultivation of the vineyard

 The trend is for fresh, low-alcohol, Atlantic wines »which can be perfectly made here thanks to tradition and the weather conditions Raúl Pérez (Valtuille de Abajo, El Bierzo) does not have internet, he prefers to be connected to nature. The kid who studied high school in Oviedo and started Medicine with the Vega family chose to take over the family winery. Alone, in collaboration and advising, he is one of the most relevant figures in the world of wine. In fact, he has twice been named the best winemaker in the world. On Monday he will be in Oviedo invited by Exclusivas Méndez León to share his experience. -What happened for him to stop being a book winegrower to one who lets nature flow? -I am the son, grandson and great-grandson of winemakers. In the 90s, when I finished my studies in Oenology, I reinterpreted the work that my family had been doing, a task that went through correcting the defects of a time when treatments that were very aggressive for the vineyard and the soil were