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A study revealed which are the most demanded jobs in eSports

 Huggan says that business development has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry in recent years, as companies try to maximize their profits. The data also shows a disparity in the experience required for the different positions. Only 21% of positions are entry-level and require zero to one year of experience. This compares with 26% of junior-level positions, which require one to two years of experience; 36% of intermediate level positions, requiring 2 to 5 years of experience; and 17% of senior level positions, requiring more than 5 years of experience. “Unfortunately, the growth of entry-level positions has not matched the growth of the intermediate and higher levels, resulting in a kind of inverted pyramid of opportunities in terms of the level of experience required for the positions. ”Says Huggan. Riot Games, which posts job openings on both Hitmaker and LinkedIn, is the company that has posted the most jobs on the site, with 179 job openings between January and